Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding the Magic

Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday.
Were you surprised by any of them?
I guess some were a little surprising - Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids? - congrats - you were awesomely funny.
But the whole "who got snubbed" piece - I haven't been to all that many movies in the past year to really give any original thought to the nominations. In previous years we were frequent movie-goers, but lately I find that even when my desire to go out is there, my flesh is weak and I stay home.
Hello Netflix!
(how's that for Cinéma vérité - pun intended)
I did make an effort this summer, however, to get out to see one particular movie.
And oh how I loved, loved, loved it.
I was really hoping someone would get it for me for Christmas, but no joy.
I did eventually rent it, but I'm really ready to watch it again.
(Gifts are always welcome! Feel free! Ha!)
First off, I love the director. Not that I love every single movie he makes, but I appreciate his artistic vision (not to mention we both feel the same about Ingmar Bergman - he just says it better). I love the mood he presents, I love the font he uses, and sometimes regardless of the subject he just wraps it up in  such an incredibly comfortable package that we're okay with not only our neuroses, but the characters' neuroses (and resolutions) as well.
(That is my objective - or is it subjective - opinion - see Love and Death for the decision on that one.)
Which movie?
This one:
What a magical film, and for any lover of ex-pat 1920s literature it was a dream realized (for both Owen Wilson's character, and the viewers). We got to meet all of our favorites, as they were brought to life!
So congrats to Woody Allen for the nominations!, and for making such a magical (can I say that too many times?) movie that just gets better with each viewing. This is my new Hannah and Her Sisters.
Thank you.

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