Monday, January 30, 2012

January Hats

Behold, my pile of January hats.
Thus called because they were crafted in the month of January.


Truth be told, they weren't all made this month.
At least two were knitted in December.
And yet here they sit waiting to be finished in January.
So in my own weird logic world, they are still being "made" in January.
Okay, I'm going with that.
One is for my mother, as I had bought some yarn for her in the spring to make her two hats.
Then I promptly misplaced the yarn.
If you could see my yarn room you'd understand.
Then magically I found a skein, and even though it was blue, and I don't think she picked a blue, but one charcoal and one brown or something like that, I made her a blue hat anyway.
Using, of course, one of my all-time favorite patterns, the Button Tab Hat.
Last night I sat at the table (still watching Netflix, and working my way through the show Kingdom), and I thought, "I really need to get these hats finished. Sure they look awesome, and I feel accomplished to have a stack of hats sitting on the table in my yarn room, but wouldn't they be better served by being finished?"
I had convinced myself.
Now one hat is for a gift, and one was supposed to be a Christmas gift, one is for hubby, and the other for the baby boy (who I call my baby boy even though he will be 21 in April), and then the one for my mother.
So I finished the gift hat, finished weaving in the ends for the baby boy's hat, and wove in the ends for the hubby hat, who promptly put it on his head and then went right out to shovel snow at 9:00 at night.
Wearing the red hat.
Oh yeah, remember that hat?
Yeah, he's claiming it, and I'm cool with that.
So once I got the three hats done, I was down to two (look at me - doing math!) - the Christmas gift, and my mother's blue hat.
Yeah, a Christmas gift.
Since the recipient is only three and not expecting the hat, I think anytime will work so she's in no hurry.
Then I looked at my mother's hat.
By then it was 9:30, and I was tired.
I almost left it, but then I thought, "Dang, tomorrow's her birthday. You have to give her something!"
I finished the hat.
She's getting a hat for her birthday, and not in a color of her choosing, but I know she'll make it work.
Mothers always do.
And soon it will be February, and I will move on to something else.
But hopefully I'll have "finished" all of my hats.

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Jennifer said...

I like the way you count. And a gift is always appreciated no matter when it's given. It makes it Christmas all year round!