Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thinking of Singing

We went to DN2's chorus and band concert a few weeks back. I was surprised that the 4th grade band could sound so good, with none of that awkward, stuttering music that occurs when the kids play a piece alone.
You could tell they had been practicing their pieces a lot.
It was nice.
She loves band, but I've had to force her to attend chorus.
I want her to stick with it because if they participate throughout her school years there are plenty of opportunities to travel and perform at myriad locations around the state and country.
This is an argument we've been going through all year, and the thing is she likes to sing. What she doesn't like is having to get up early and be at school by 7:30.
So I forced her.
And now she has been chosen to sing with the select chorus at school.
They practice at noon.
Big difference.
I asked her how she would have felt if she didn't make it into this select chorale group, and she said that she would have cried and been really upset.
We've avoided that disaster for the time being, thankfully.
Now we have another dilemma.
She is expressing interest in singing in another chorale here in the area.
It markets itself as a "select" group, but oddly all of the kids who showed up at the information meeting on Monday night were selected.
Hmmmm, is it my kid who can sing, or is it the lure of my money that you hear?
I think the group has plenty of opportunities for her to learn how to sing, and also for her to learn poise while performing. That's something she needs to know, but for $300?
I'm not sure.
Believe it or not, we're leaving the decision up to her because she'll have to learn to manage her schedule with swimming, soccer, and singing practice one night a week in the next town over. Then there are all the sundry games and meets, as well as concerts throughout the year for both singing groups.
DN2 has said she can do it, but she really needs me to buy her a planner.
Really? That's all it will take?
I'll keep you posted.

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