Friday, June 05, 2009

Hanging out in a crowd full of drunk, stupid people

Last night we headed to a concert.
I dreaded it; DN2 was about to pee on herself out of excitement.
You see the diverse expectations we had in approaching this event.
I wore sneakers (which really need to be used for more than just standing around).
Fortunately we had a line jumper pass and were able to go right around the crowd that was several thousand in strength, and get right in as soon as they opened the doors.
DN2 was then ready to stand in one spot in order to watch the concert.
It was in a parking lot at the Port of Rochester, so we were on pavement and would be standing for about 5 hours, hence the sneakers.
I made her leave that spot in order to get some water.
She was upset that we couldn't get back to it - it really was a good spot to stand, but she just wouldn't understand about how crowds push and shove and you get moved regardless of where you start out.
She understands now.
Oh, did I mention the allegedly 10,000 people that were there as well?
Apparently they had too many people, too many tickets, and not enough space, so we were lucky to get in at all.
It wasn't a bad show, but parts of it were so-so, and other parts were surprisingly good.
The line-up included:
The Sunstreak (a local band)
Kristinia DeBarge
The White Tie Affair
The Ting Tings
We the Kings
Kevin Rudolf (we left just before he started, but the sound system was SO good that we could hear him rapping as we left the park - just what we wanted, to be accompanied by the loud use of the word m*therf*cker and other epithets as we walked back to our car).
Now, ask me if I felt old.
Go ahead.
I'll tell you.
First, now I can rattle off the names of these bands, but I had only heard of one of them before going to the concert.
Second, while the young girls were checking out the men in the bands, I was thinking, "Hey, that security guard is kind of hot."
Yeah, I'm old.
For the record, crowd surfers are total jerks.
DN2 got kicked in the temple and it actually made her cry, but she still wouldn't leave her spot. She wanted to see 3Oh!3.
(Another for the record, one of the guys from the band was talking about having his gun cocked; personally, I thought he was packing a snub-nosed revolver; perception, go figure.)
The White Tie Affair are very good performers - I was surprised, and We the Kings were good live as well.
The Ting Tings, what we could see of them, dang it, was great, but their music is remarkable both live and on the, CD.
Each band played a 4-5 song set, so the event went rather quickly.
I feel, however, that we have unleashed a monster with DN2, because now she is going to want to go to even MORE concerts, and guess who gets to take her.
Over the noise last night I shouted to her, "My mother would have never taken me to something like this when I was 10."
She smiled; she knows my mother.


Jennifer said...

OMG - you are one wild wacky wonderful Mom. I'm pretty certain I couldn't have handled it.

I just hope you didn't wear bell bottoms and a tube top. : D

I bet DN2 was in heaven (except for the getting kicked part).

For the record, I've never heard of any of these bands.

Caroline said...

Double OMG! Guess what we spent half of our day doing today...driving Paige to the far side of Bakersfield to a huge concert at noon today and then picking her up again at ten this evening. That was close to four hours of driving back and forth twice in one day. Why?? Because I wasn't that excited about the concert to begin with, but I certainly wasn't going to allow her to drive with her friends there, unlike the rest of her friends' parents. I wasn't good enough to go myself, but at least when we picked her up tonight we could smell that the beer and smoke smells weren't actually from her!...and yes, I heard "mother f*$#er at least three times from the stage in just the time that we waited for her to get to the car...yeah, I'm thinking that my mom would have fainted before she'd have allowed me to go to something like that...that is...after she finished crying.

I can't believe that your concert had any bands worth hearing because Paige assured me that the very best bands in the country were at that concert (LOL) Actually, she said she didn't like it that much and had a headache...just what I was hoping for:)