Monday, June 22, 2009

It's always a good mail day when books are delivered

Today was a good mail day.
For sure.
I received two books in the mail: one I had ordered, and one unexpectedly.
In helping to create my syllabus for my class this fall I had to research YA fantasy books.
Sounds pretty easy, right?
Well the problem is if you're not sure what you're looking for, then how do you find it?
Especially when the syllabus has to be submitted for approval by the department chair.
Anyway, I randomly went through and picked out some books, one of which appears to be out of print.
I'm so smart, right?
Fortunately I found it on Amazon for less than a dollar, but then had to pay $3.99 for shipping.
That's me, Mensa ready!
This book is The Island and the Ring by Laura C. Stevenson.
Hopefully I made a good choice, considering I was referring to a two line synopsis when choosing it.
I'd post a picture but even that is not available.
Oh wait, I found one on GoodReads.

Then my oldest bro (one of the real ones, as I call them, and that's a post for another time), sent the family a copy of Excavation by James Rollins.

Apparently it's filled with archaeology, lost Inca cities, graves, gold, death, and as big bro added, evil Mestizos.
That would be in reference to DH's ethnicity.
Not the evil part, just the Mestizo part.
So it's been a good day today - I had a good checkup at the doctor, the sun is shining, and I have new books to read.
I'm so excited I might just have to go take a nap in the sun.

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