Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Sad news.
I bought three new pairs of sandals to get me through the summer (and hopefully into summers beyond).
I ordered them off of the internet, and I waited a week for them to get here, anxiously anticipating their arrival.
They were such cute pairs of sandals in all the colors I need: one black, one blue, and one brown.
Yesterday they arrived.
I was so excited to get home from work that I left right at 4:00 with the IT guy still running stuff on my computer.
See ya, I said.
I opened up the boxes, I looked lovingly at their stylish shape and form...and then I tried them on.
Too small.
(Here's where I cried and whined for a few hours, and felt like one of Cinderella's older sisters.)
One pair might have fit, but really, for as much money as they cost, it's not worth it to keep shoes that don't fit.
(Goodwill can attest to this fact, when they get clothes from me that still have the price tag affixed.)
I'm so bummed, because now I have to send them back, and that's a chore in and of itself.
Well, one pair will remain behind because DN2 said, "These sandals are so pretty! They're so pretty!"
Guess who's getting a new pair of sandals.
So now I'm going to have to take my fat butt (and foot) to the store and buy some new sandals.
(Stand by: I'm going to whine again)
And I REALLY, REALLY liked these sandals.
Bummer drag.

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