Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weather Woes

You know we got hammered by a huge snowstorm this past weekend, and I was too busy working on my sock to complain about it.
So I'll do it now.
It began on Friday afternoon.
I went ice skating with DN2 and her class.
Here I am in my skates at the rink:When we emerged from the rink the snow had begun.
It didn't stop until Sunday.
Saturday was the scariest - DH and I were sitting upstairs and there was a bright flash of light. We thought DN2 had taken a picture or something and we looked at each other and asked that question. All of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder.
Thunder and lightning and snow. (See note.)
I really believed the world was coming to an end.
It was scary!
So what did I do?
Kept on knitting.
A true Madame Defarge.
So now we still have about 6-8 inches of snow in the yard, plowed piles that exceed 10 feet in height in some parking lots, and a prediction for a bit more snow this weekend.
And you say the beginning of spring is coming soon?
We will have more snow on Easter than we did on Christmas.
At least our grass will be nice and green this summer.
If this snow ever melts.
Guess I had better knit more socks to wear with my sandals this spring.
Because I'm such an expert sock knitter now.
Pause for riotous laughter, including my own.
Have a great Thursday!

Note: Apparently this phenomenon is called "Thundersnow" and is very rare but does occur in, get this, the Great Lakes area. Gosh, guess where I live. I have to tell you it was actually very scary.

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