Sunday, March 02, 2008


DN2 had a swim meet this weekend so we've been running around with that a bit.
I had to work as a timer on Friday night and that was interesting - always fun.
I do have an observation though.
Lately the boys who swim have taken to wearing the suits called jammers, and they look like this:

And when you see a kid wearing this kind of suit, well it's almost obscene for the lack of coverage:

Now that's just an observation, I'm not going all Mrs. Robinson on anyone.
I did have plenty of opportunity today to work on something with which I have struggled for a while.
I don't want to jinx myself and say yet, so you'll have to wait.
Now I'm off to watch Here Come the Brides for a while and work on my project.


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Angelika said...

Hmmm, makes me want to get back into the pool. Interesting views you have there. ;)