Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not without mistakes

My sock is not without mistakes.
But who cares!!!
I don't.
It is so far from perfect it is looking perfect in the rear.
Does that make sense?
What makes sense is that I actually got the heel done, did some completely imperfect gussets, saw where I erred, will correct it next time, and am working on the foot.
Well almost, I still have about 5 rows on the gussets and then I'm on to the body of the foot (tee hee, because a foot has a body, right?).
I have to say that I don't know if this sock will even fit anyone in the house, but again, who cares!!!
No pictures yet, but I will leave you with a picture and link to the book from which I learned and share a story as to how this came about.
Here is the book:
This girl in my class asked me one night if I knit the hat I was wearing.
I said that I had and she said she recognized the yarn (Wool-Ease) because she uses it for socks. She's a graduate student, has about $90K in student loans, she can't afford Koigu KPPPM for her socks and that is understandable.
Anyway, she had said that a group of her friends had learned how to knit and they knit all the time, and now that she had graduated from college and her friends had scattered she didn't have anyone to knit with anymore.
But she told me she had learned how to knit socks, and I expressed amazement because many of you know of my lifelong (yes, I'm sticking with the hyperbole) desire to knit socks. So the next week she brought in the book for me to borrow along with a sock where she had sewn up the toe wrong but that she gave to me as a sample so I could look at the heel.
So using her book I have been working on the basic sock which is really an ankle sock, not a big cuff which is a big deal, because to me if you're learning and you make this sock with which you have a huge investment on the cuff only to screw up the heel it is very depressing.
I have been depressed.
But now I'm cooking with fire.
And dang, I have a book to read too.
Again, the choices I have to make - knit or read.
If only Orlando Furioso were a book on tape - but it's doubtful.


Purl said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of socks! Warning--they are so addicting, and fancy sock yarn is another dangerous addition.

Jennifer said...

Woohoo! You're knitting socks. I'm so thrilled for you. I just know you're going to get hooked. Why live in northern NY if you don't wear handknit socks???

Best of luck!

Micky said...

Yea socks! The first pair is a little intimidating. But if you have to rip, it's just more practice.
My first pair I ripped and reknit. But having to redo it helped something click in my head.
And I am sure it will for you too.