Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Friday, Yea! So why is it snowing?

I barely made it through class last night.
It had nothing to do with not finishing my reading.
(Fingers crossed)
Really, it is extremely difficult to focus on Edmund Spenser when you can barely focus on driving when you're on the road.
My cold/semi-flu is subsiding but the coughing continues to give me a headache.
But I was glad I stayed in class because we had some very interesting discussions, as always.
Of course it didn't help that when I went out at break I saw the snow/rain. Come on, it's almost April, why are we having another storm?
I don't think we're expected to get more than 3" but I'm supposed to be looking at crocuses popping out their beautiful purple heads from the ground, not look to see if they've even been able to break through the bed of snow in the yard.
Guess it is a good I'm still working on socks because our house is still cold. Unfortunately, since I knit at a snail's pace I don't know if I will have sock #2 of my second pair done before spring comes.
And since you asked about my sock I can tell you that the heel has been successfully completed and I am now working on the foot.
No pictures, sorry, but I'm sure you can visualize.
I'm anxious to get started on the second sock and then get started on a bunch of other socks.
Do you think if I had different socks in various stages of completion I would get a pair done quicker? Or do you think I should just focus on one?
Because I have to tell you that I am ready to have about 6 or 7 socks going at the same time.
I'm loving this!
Bring on the weekend!


Micky said...

It's always good to knit more. So I say go for it.
That couldn't be because I always have dozens of things on the needles at once. I haven't seen some of my needles in years. It's cause they are always stuck in the middle of some project.
But that's just how I do things.

Caroline said...

I used to be sooooo bad about finishing things that I'm now afraid to have more than a few things going at once. I'm not the type to finish something once it's gotten out of my favor. It will quietly be delegated to my "under-the-bed" box and ultimately "disappear."
On the other hand, I'm still very tempted to start more projects. I'm very good at starting stuff:)