Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey, I did it again

There's no "whoops" in that title.
And this is not an homage to Britney.
Although I did watch How I Met Your Mother on Monday night.
It was funny - but it usually is anyway.
But that is not what I am here to discuss.
I have not been feeling well lately, not well at all.
I'm getting a bit better - no fever, just general malaise, excessive coughing, and sinus issues. So I stayed home from work on Tuesday with DN2 - she was out of school on Monday and Tuesday but I worked part of the day on Monday.
For the record, she is now a convert and is close to believing that tomato soup and grilled cheese is the best lunch EVER. We've had it two days in a row.
Essentially I've had knitting time. I should be reading, but I really cannot focus and I need to hurry up and get focused because I have class on Thursday.
Fortunately I have been able to knit on my Sassy Stripes Sock and today after my nap (hey, I'm sick!), I decided to go for it and work on the heel.
Well guess what.
I did it!

That, my friends, is a sock with a heel.
Sorry it is not a better picture but the batteries are dead in the camera and I'm using my cell phone camera.
Now I just have to work on the gusset. Picking up stitches is always a chore for me, I just don't do it "pretty".
But I've knit a heel again and I'm so psyched!
As a matter of fact I read their directions and thought, well that just sounds silly and incomplete so I am just going to do what I know I need to do.
And it worked!
Now you know I haven't been feeling well but I was well enough to stock up on my favorite seasonal candy.
I went to the store on Monday night (sick, yes, but we were in desperate need of essentials at the house).
I went to the corner of the store where they stock the seasonal candy only to discover - to my horror - that all the candy had been replaced by....paper towels! I actually had a moment of panic when I thought to myself, can I really get through a year without this candy?
I couldn't answer it, honestly. To my surprise as I walked closer I saw that a small section of the shelves contained my candy.
Big huge sigh of relief.
And it was on sale - half price!
So I bought 12 bags - one bag for each month.
This is what it came to:
SN2 was with me and laughed. I let him laugh because I did not even feel embarassed in the store.
Not one bit.
Because when the summer comes and then the fall, I will have my Cadbury Mini-Eggs to eat.
My friend Jean is a convert to this candy too.
Have you stocked up on your supply yet, Jean?


Micky said...

Yeah for the heel.

And yeah for the mini eggs.

Angelika said...

It's after easter, of course the eggs should be on sale. I'm glad you got to stock up on your favorites. Try the heel flap with the garder stitches on the side. That makes picking up the gusset stitches easier.

Caroline said...

OK, Julie, I have discovered an area in which we have nothing in common. I do totally respect you Cadbury egg things, really I do; But there is no way that I could have one bag a month. No I would do as I did tonight with my Easter M & M s. I would eat them until they were gone, not in one sitting necessarily, but in two or three. Those are the facts.

Hope you're feeling better!