Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Sock Knitting is Addictive

I know I am not doing a great job yet, but I'm excited by the possibilities.
Turn one heel and you can save the world!!
That sounds like a wonderful campaign slogan.
Honestly, college would seem like a cakewalk if we could teach the kids how to knit when they're young, learn how to turn a heel, and then send them off into the world.
They could do anything!
It's a wonderful self-esteem booster, and I'm so pleased with my first sock, even if the toe is all wonky.
So what does a knitter do next?
Cast on for another pair of socks.
Well first DN2 and I went to Ben Franklin on Friday morning and explored their bag sale.
25% off everything with white stickers and 10% off all sale items.
I think we walked away with a fair amount of items, thank you Visa.
Here's my haul:
Now I didn't buy great sock yarn, it is Ben Franklin after all, but I'm happy to practice with some acrylic yarn while I learn the craft. I have a stash of lovely sock yarn that I have received from wonderful friends and fantastic swap partners, but I want to save that until I'm a little more sure of myself.
So in the meantime I'll work on some cheaper yarn. Plus I don't mind walking around collecting cat and dog hair with machine-washable yarn, because I'll tell you we have a lot of it. And I think some of it gets knit into things.
Back to my sock.
Yes, I cast on for a Sassy Stripes Sock with the Moda Dea yarn in Polo (that's the reddish-blue variegated one in the pic) but I felt guilty (and cold) walking around with only one sock on. I knew I had to complete the pair of my first socks.
I cast on for the second sock.
Then someone wanted to cuddle.
It's nice to have 2 socks to go back and forth with because when I'm tired of one I switch to the other.
Fortunately yesterday was a day to indulge the most wonderful of deadly sins - sloth.
I watched Ghost Hunters and knit for most of the day.
I might have to do it again today, although I have cleared off most of my recorded programs on DVR.
Well, there's always movies to watch.
I'll do whatever it takes to get these socks knit.
Not rain, nor snow, nor children begging to be fed will keep me from my appointed duty.


Caroline said...

Our kitty, Josephine, usually wants to cuddle when I'm in the middle of a difficult part of a pattern. Sometimes she gets the brush-off, but most of the time, I let her have her way.

I'm with you on the Speedos! Ha Ha Kai really appreciates those jammers. I think he's refuse to wear the old style ones.

Jennifer said...

Aww - I love Ben Franklin. That's where I went to buy Red Heart yarn when I was first learning. I didn't know they still existed. How cute. I'm so thrilled for you and your new-found love of handknit socks. Go girl!

Angelika said...

Your enthusiasm is so inspiring. I've been wanting to cast on some socks for some time, but haven't found the right match of yarn and pattern right now. It's not like there aren't enough choices, right?

Micky said...

Way to jump in with both feet.
Great haul.