Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Too Cold to Blog

Old King Cole may have been a merry old soul but he obviously didn't care about the cost of gas heat this winter.
It's too cold to blog.
And so much going on!
Swim meet over the weekend (both days), Christmas show rehearsal at church, class last night, a meeting tonight, and Girl Scouts tomorrow night.
I received my package from my KTS4 partner - and you'll love it.
And here's an idea of how busy (and cold) I've been - I got chocolate and I haven't eaten it yet because I haven't taken a picture of it! So it sits on the chair taunting me.
Wait til you see everything Peaches sent to me! It's amazing!
So I'm sorry for the gap - I'm still here and I'll get back with you hopefully tonight!
And for the record we still haven't turned our heat on yet.
It's supposed to be 39 tomorrow.
How long can we go?
If it were me we would wait until December, but my family apparently doesn't like to suffer so it may go on tonight.


Purl said...

You have remarkable restraint--I'm even more impressed with the chocolate.

We have a temperature battle at the office. My dad's partner (business) is a skinny thing who's always cold. She wears wool suits when it hits 50! Or maybe it was even 60! Anyway she dresses more warmly than I ever did in Minnesota. And Chris and I rarely turn on the heat.

Jennifer said...

But I love your big beautiful house - despite the fact that's it a gas guzzler. Sigh. Maybe you can buy them all sleeping bags for Christmas so they think of it as an adventure. Good luck. Stay warm.

PS - Don't freeze any pipes!

Angelika said...

Reading your blog makes me glad I'm in Georgia. I'll send some warm thoughts your way though. Hugs?