Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Swap Packages

I have been totally remiss (aka extraordinarily lazy and bad) about letting you know what I got from my KTS4 swap partner, Peaches. And I should have posted about this immediately because it was an absolutely out of this world package.
Here's some pictures of the wonderful items in my package:

And here's a separate picture of the yarn:
Rowan Big Wool - to die for - in a wonderful shade of pink that I absolutely adore. Can I tell you I don't know how Peaches did it. You put down your favorite color on the swap information and of course what color did I choose? Blue. But somehow Peaches knew about my passion for pink and sent me this yarn. Well I am kind of a pinkaholic - and for the record I look good in pink. Well I think I do because (a) I wear it all the time and (b) people tell me, "You look good in pink." Either there is a conspiracy by EVERYONE to make me look like a fool or else perhaps pink is my color. Blue soothes me but pink suits my complexion. And if I don't look good in pink can someone help me unload about 7 pink sweaters/turtlenecks?
Anyway, this is the funniest thing - I had put on my info sheet that I never mix chocolate and liquor so Peaches picked up on that and sent me this great book called Yarn Cocktails. Okay that's the short title - click on the link to see the long title. The book has some really funky but outrageously cool patterns - and I love the jewelry. Gorgeous. I might pass on making the knickers, though, because there is just not enough yarn in the world to cover a butt the size of the Alps. Don't look too closely - you might see the Matterhorn!
And let me tell you something else about how intuitive Peaches is.
When we lived in Germany you couldn't walk through any store without hitting a Ritter Sport display. The factory is located just outside of Stuttgart and during our 3 years there we lived off of Ritter Sport. I'm sure there's a chunk or two stored in the fat that cushions my butt, but I digress. Anyway, what did Peaches include in my package? Two bars of Ritter Sport. Yum, Yum.
I had to share it with DN2 because she was hanging around when I was eating it.
And people wonder why I'm a closet chocolate eater (I hate to share).
She also put the yarn in this lovely green bag and DN2 looked at it and said, "Dibs on the green bag."
Wait up, hold on - I said to her, "You can't dibs on something that was sent to me!"
These kids, I swear. First the chocolate then the bag. What's next?
All-in-all it was a fantastic swap. Now I need to get over to the KTS4 page and post on there too so everyone will see how wonderful a swapper Peaches is.
Unlike some people who work in a hospital (Sheri) I will be taking the day off on Friday. So send good thoughts to hospital workers and dispatchers (Kristi) and all those who will be working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday as we attempt to rouse ourselves from a tryptophan-induced coma.

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