Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Knitting

Last night I sat outside in my chair waiting for the trick or treaters to come by.
I was all set. I had my knitting, a relatively comfortable chair, my iPod, some tea...

...the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air...wait, that's the wrong song. Sorry. I was comfy though and all set for the kids but I think I had more college students than younger kids. I think people believe that mostly college students live on my street, and while this is primarily true there are families here as well.

My little vampire made out like a champ and she wasn't even gone that long. She said some houses were giving her two and three handfuls of candy. Lovely.

Now we just have to make sure she brushes or she'll end up with teeth like this permanently.


Angelika said...

There are two good reasons for hands full of candy. They didn't want to make her mad and keep her at a distance, or they wanted to be done and go inside soon. Either way, she scored, right?

Caroline said...

This was the first year my thirteen year old skipped trick or treating. His sister, on the other hand, decided to have one more go with it. I told her that I generally give teenagers "dum-dums," the cheap lollypops.

Julie, you should finally be getting a couple of books in the mail this week:)