Wednesday, November 21, 2007

That purple thing on my head is a hat

This summer whilst sampling various pieces of literature I also spent a prodigious amount of time knitting.
Man does that sound snooty.
I didn't always finish things but I did made a felted bag for DN2 which promptly ended up on her floor and which I have since reclaimed and I also made and felted (or fulled) a purple hat.
The hat has been on the shelf unworn as I awaited the cooler weather.
Well it's cooler now, and I thought I'd pull it out and wear it.
Now it's a bit big so I think I need to go shrink it a bit more, but yesterday was a nice day so I decided to throw it on my bean and wear it to work.
At lunchtime DN1 called and asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch (Interpretation: Can we meet and you can buy me lunch?). I'm always happy to spend time with her so I agreed and I threw on my purple hat ready to head out the door.
My co-workers said, "I like your hat!"
I think they're pretty sincere so I thanked them and said in my best kindergarten voice, "I made it!"
I called DN1 when I was walking in the door to the building and said, "I'm here and I'll meet you by the front of Union Square." As I stood there waiting for her and reading the NY Times I didn't see her approach. From 30 feet away she called out, "Good God, Mom, what is that purple thing on your head?!?"
Was I offended?
Not really, because I knew she was jealous because I look better in hats than she does. (Ha!)
When we were standing in line so I could pay for our food her favorite professor was behind us so of course DN1 started making snarky comments to her about my hat. Her professor diplomatically avoided judgement but in my best fourth grade voice I said, "She's just jealous." Not once but twice.
I'm so mature, I know.
After lunch we headed to the bookstore to pick some things up for a co-worker (one of the sincere ones who likes my hat).
The manager was in there and I greeted her effusively, as always. Another professor came up and interrupted us. Manager politely said, "Professor G do you know J" and Professor G looked at me as if she'd never seen me before. Now she knows me, she's walked past my office innumerable times and we've spoken on the phone, but on this occasion I had to explain who I was.
She said to me, "Oh, I didn't recognize you in the hat."
Come on - is it that bad?
You tell me.

Because I wore it to work today.


Jennifer said...

Love the hat and the color. I think that our society is not accustomed to seeing amazing women in hats anymore... Wear it with a smile. You look marvelous!

Caroline said...

I agree with Jennifer. I really do love purple, and anyone who makes a smart remark IS just jealous:)