Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sanitizing My Past

Now this is something.
Here's a NY Times article that talks about how the old Sesame Street is just not safe viewing for today's preschoolers.
But what do I know, I buy my daughter candy cigarettes.
Just don't call CPS on me, okay?


Purl said...

I feel sorry for kids today. I LOVED Sesame Street in the late 60s. I always joke about being born before safety--I didn't realize that it was true.

Jennifer said...

OMG! Next you'll discover you were a bad mother for using anti-bacterial soap! What's the world coming to. Personally, I liked that Big Bird was the only one who could see Snuffleupagus. It sort of made being crazy, er, cool.

Caroline said...

Pretty funny!

Oh! last month Paige comes home from a day at the beach, and tells me. "We found the "funnes" candy. They were like cigarettes, and we tricks people into thinking that we were smoking." Ha! Ha! I didn't even know that they still made them. I have fond memories of their chalky, powdery tastelessness:)

Kathleen said...

My grandmother always had candy cigarettes for us. They were kinda powdery, weren't they? But we thought they were so cool. And I didn't grow up to be a smoker, so I don't think they were horrible.