Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy, but not watching the Bee Movie

I put in a CD from 1981 this morning, Stevie Nicks Bella Donna, and it made me think of that year. Of course.
So I just wanted to send a big shout out to my friend Kristi.
Hey! Just thinking about you!
We had some times in 1981 - some good, some bad.
But here we are on the other side of 40 and still friends.
Now I just need to get in my car and drive to Corry and see you.
Did lots of knitting, movie watching and incubating this weekend.
I have a 15 page paper due and I'm going to write about Speak.
Ergo, lots of thinking.
Plus I finished reading Feed and had to watch Jimmy Caan (shirtless!) in Rollerball as research. That was tough.
Turned in my application for grad school.
That took some doing. Had to shrink a 15 page paper down to 10 pages. I've never had to edit like that before - usually I'm beefing something up. Some of it was easy - There goes that 2 page summary of the text! - but some of it was much more difficult. How to edit without degrading your original thesis. I think the paper needs to be rewritten and perhaps fleshed out a bit more, but for this instance it only had to be 10 pages. So it shrunk.
Had to also write a 2-3 page letter of intent/statement of objectives, call it what you will. Thought that would be easy. It wasn't. Took some time.
But it's all done.
Nothing is a for sure thing, so you know I'll be obsessively checking my status for the next few weeks (or however long it takes) to see if I have been accepted.
Kind of like checking my orders on Amazon.
Have to hurry off to work.
Short week - only Monday through Wednesday.
Yee haw.
Big birthday wishes go out to my brother Tom who turned 49 yesterday.
Damn, you're old bro.

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