Monday, March 12, 2007

Seen in a parking lot

Okay, the bumper sticker on the left reads, "My son is a US Marine."
The one on the right reads, "My boyfriend is a US Marine."
Well, which is he? Your son, or your boyfriend?
Please don't let him be both.


Angelika said...

Interesting, maybe she keeps it all in the military family? Let's hope for the best. This is why we are in the Army.

schnauzermum said...

Hi Julie! I didn't know where to post or email you, but THANK YOU for the lovely box of purple goodies! You've spoiled me big time. :) I've posted notes on my blog and on the FCS2 site. Again, thank you so much Julie! You made my day! :)

Caroline said...

Julie, You're so great. I love your quirky humor! Thanks for the advice on the job. I wish I did know what is best for me:)

Jennifer said...

What state was that license plate from???