Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stormy Saturday

I'm trapped in my house.
It's snowing.
Yesterday we were worried about flooding from all the melting snow and today we can't even get out of our driveway.
Here's a picture I took of DN2 on Thursday wearing her new hat (Patons Shetland Chunky, pattern from this book):Witness the lack of snow on the ground.
I'd take a picture today but my camera battery died and truthfully I think I've posted enough photos of snow for everyone to kind of figure out what the white sh.., I mean stuff looks like.
Now today is St. Patrick's Day.
I am a wee bit Irish, but more Scottish and English in this lifetime (the previous ones I'm not quite sure but I do have some ideas) and even so I didn't even really consider what day it was when I began to make my breakfast.
I've had eggs everyday this weekend (no Atkins, just because), so this morning I didn't feel like it and everyone else wanted omelets and I made those but made this for myself:
(Please note I'm eating Irish Oatmeal in a Polish pottery bowl, yeah, I'm confused.)
DH said, "Oh are you having Irish Oatmeal because it's St. Patrick's Day?"
Really, I didn't even think about it, it's the only oatmeal I have in my house right now and it has more to do with the need for fiber.
I'll spare you the details.
Anyway my luck was certainly with me yesterday because I won $20 on a scratch-off lottery ticket
Sure I spent $5 buying the ticket, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get, because you all should know by now that I'm just not proud.
Of course now I can't go cash it in because what did I say in the beginning?
I'm trapped in my house.
So maybe I'll do just what Major Knitter suggests we all do on a day like today, sit in bed and read.
There's a St. Patrick's Day parade in the city that starts at 12:30, but I'm not heading out there.
I don't want to chance it because I think my luck has been exhausted for this weekend with that lottery ticket.
Perhaps I'll retire to my bed to read and drink some tea while my Black Bean soup cooks downstairs.
Black Bean soup.
You can bet that makes me very popular in my house, right?
So I'll go read Peter Pan and Wendy for class and this book that just came in the post today:
Ah, another glorious Saturday spent in my pajamas.


Jennifer said...

Ooh - Irish oatmeal, black bean soup and a day of knitting in your cool beans house? Count me in! I'm there.

Jennifer said...

Please tell DN2 that I think she looks fabulous in her new hat. Lucky girl. It seems like just yesterday she was catching frogs with my boys... but that was FIVE years ago.

Kat said...

Great hat!

In Hawaii, we used to make the Irish Oatmeal, and sprinkle it with dried tropical fruit bits and then put a little coconut milk on it. Yummy. I could use some warm oatmeal right now, it actually SNOWED here today... didn't stick, but there was SNOW in the air. So I have been huddled on the couch since we got home from the parade with a cup of tea and the space heater pointed directly at me...

I am such a wuss. You are such a she-woman to live where you do. I am not worthy.

Angelika said...

I'm close to Savannah and I stayed the he.. away from this town on St. P's day. It's crazy there every yearn. And did you say snow? What's that?