Sunday, March 04, 2007

Today I was 15 again

But I wasn't wearing braces this time around.
Thank goodness.
And I have to tell you, it was fun!
I took someone back in time with me too, a friend from high school.
Now you're probably wondering how and why we traveled back in time, and we did it for him:
And the encounter we had was via a DVD -- my friend Cindy and I got together to watch this movie:
Sooner or Later, with Sexy Rex Smith.
(Lucky Cindy even got to see him in concert in 1978.)
Does anyone remember watching this on tv in 1978?
I do, and I also remember braiding my wet hair at night and using the elastics from the orthodontist to hold the braids in place, all so I could have poufy hair in the morning.
This is way back in the dark ages of hair styling, before crimping irons.
And I also remember wishing I could find some 17 year old guy who looked like Rex Smith who didn't mind that I was 13.
Yeah, well that didn't happen.
Only in my fertile imagination.
Cindy and I had a good time together, just watching the movie and thinking about a time when we had our entire lives in front of us and they were wide open with possibilities.
All we (I) had to do was get out of this small, rinky-dink town.
Cindy never left and here I am back again.
Spending Friday night sleeping in the gym of my old high school, and Sunday watching a movie from when I was a freshman/sophmore in high school.
Man, life is cyclical, isn't it?
The biggest difference?
Those Calvin Klein jeans I keep that I will never fit into again.
Well, a girl can always keep on dreaming, and I guess I will.

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Jennifer said...

Oh - I loved that movie. Puppy love all over again.