Friday, May 29, 2009

Numb3rs Progeny on National Spelling Bee

Does anyone watch Numb3rs?
I do, every week.
Well, now it's in reruns, so maybe not now, but even still
You know about Charlie and Amita?


How in the last episode he asked her to marry him?


Well the other night DN2 and I were watching last year's spelling bee, and this kid came on.
I was immediately struck by something.
Imagine if Charlie and Amita actually had a baby.

plus Amita

equals Sidharth Chand:

Awesome - although this kid is not acting "smart" - he really is.

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Caroline said...

I haven't watched it, but still laughed. That kid was incredible.

(LOL) l also laughed at the "Jon and Kate" post. I have to admit that I watched the season finale, much to my kids disapproval. I have always totally agreed with your analysis of them, but I have been surprised by their level of scagginess lately.

I'm about to come up for air this week, so expect a long email soon!