Monday, May 25, 2009

I thought I had raised her better

Guess what show DN2 is in love with.
Go ahead, guess.
Well, let me set some parameters.
She's 10 and she loves babies and little kids.
Now, go ahead, which show do you think it is?
If you guessed that train wreck known as Jon & Kate Plus 8, then you guessed correctly.
She's totally into this marathon on TLC this weekend.
I asked her, how can you watch this show?
These people are totally fame whores, getting freebies just by virtue of having a passel of children pop out of her womb, and earning tons of money per episode by pimping out their kids.
She said, I don't like it for the parents, I like it for the kids.
Well alright then.
That's different.
Still, I thought she had better taste than this.
(Besides, if you want to see a crazy mother, just come hang around me.)


Kat said...

I remember the first time I saw that showing -- and thought, okay, so when does this family succumb to fame and wealth and end up getting obnoxious? I really didn't expect it so soon but now its just horrific.

Angelika said...

That is too funny. I thought there was nothing on TV this weekend and I stumbled upon that show. Sorry, two minutes was all I could stand. If I want drama, I call my in-laws. Trust me, before I watch that show I'll find a 2002 rerun of any CSI or NCIS.