Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aprons and things

So, I received a Lovely comment from Mary at KOALACaddie regarding my last post.
Thanks, Mary!
I thought I would digress from my usual self-introspective banality and discuss aprons.
Did your mother wear an apron while you were growing up?
Mine did.
My grandmother too.
When I see Aunt Bea on tv, I look at that one-piece apron and it takes me back.
I recently (last summer? or winter?) received a sewing machine (for free) from a co-worker.
She had bought a new one and was happy to pass her old one on to a new home.
I've had it for a while, actually I have two that were given to me, but I've been a bit fearful of using them.
Not because I think I'll prick my finger, or something worse, but because the only time I ever used a sewing machine was for 6 weeks in 8th grade.
That was a LONG time ago.
I have some scraps, and I have thread, and I have a perfectly wonderful sewing basket, but I've been fearful of taking that leap.
A psychologist would suspect that I'm fearful of entering into a new obsession.
They would be correct.
Problem is, I'm dying to learn how to sew because I want to make something useful for my house.
I am not worried about fancy dresses, or blouses, or anything like that.
I am dying to make some aprons.
One book I have that prompted me to consider sewing myself some aprons is this:

The Apron Book by EllynAnne Giesel.
It is a sweet, little book that doesn't really have many patterns, but it focuses on a lot of old aprons, and some of them are quite phenomenal.
There was a time when an apron was a fashion accessory, and now how many people actually wear them?
Does anyone give them as bridal shower gifts?
I would suspect not, unless it were something utilitarian and chef-like from Williams-Sonoma.
Do you wear one around the house?
I actually have several aprons hanging on my pantry door, and I do wear one from time to time, and I especially like the ones with pockets.
It's easy to declutter when you have a lot of pockets to throw things into.
So, because Mary left such a nice comment, I went to her site and saw her apron, er, Caddie, and now I want one for myself - I think it is fabulous!
Now, if only I could get over my fear of the sewing machine, I might be able to make myself an apron too.
Perhaps after this weekend I'll give in to the siren call of the machine and stitch something simple.
I'll let you know.

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Caroline said...

I don't remember my mom wearing an apron except when she was canning, but I do remember my grandma wearing one regularly. They're such a nostalgic thing. I sometimes picture myself wearing one like Aunt Bea and baking pies...perfect pies with lard in the crusts, of course.