Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foreign Travel

So, we're supposed to have a passport by 1 June if we want to get into Canada.
I love Canada.
Way a lot.
Of course I have had passports in the past, but they have expired.
I need to get a new one, and so does DN2.
The good news is that they will soon be opening a passport office "somewhere" in Western NY:
Tuesday, Republican Congressman Chris Lee announced the U.S. State Department has granted his wish to open a passport office in western New York by the first of next year.

I think because it is Congressman Lee, "somewhere" means Buffalo, no doubt, since he's from there. But really, what does this mean for all of us out here on the lonely frontier of New York State (a state which, yes, does extend beyond Westchester County):
A passport office would allow folks to get a passport within hours rather than weeks.

See, sometimes procrastination is worth it. Unfortunately there is a Tori Amos concert in Toronto in August that I can't miss, so I guess I will have to go the old route and get my passport through the Post Office.
Now if only we can get the good Congressman to encourage Ikea to open a store around here.

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