Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stitching Up!

Yesterday some of us stayed an extra hour after work and laid out the afghan squares.
We decided that since these are going to a nursing home, and most probably will be used as lap robes, or lap blankets, that we would cut the size down a bit. The smaller size will keep them from being too bulky, and should not get stuck in the wheels of a wheelchair.
DN2 and I got all the squares out onto the table and stacked them according to color.
Wow, what a lot of squares:

And here are the lap blankets:

We then packaged everything up into boxes, keeping the layout intact and with a photo record to send to whomever will stitch a particular one together (these photos). Our thoughts are that everyone can take home a box and begin stitching. The target delivery date is the second Saturday in December, so we'll have plenty of time, for sure.
And now, time to begin whip stitching!

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Angelika said...

That's really a lot of squares and it's not an easy task to sort and then stitch them all together, but I'm sure the thought of the happy faces of the people that get them, should keep everybody going.