Saturday, October 11, 2008

For the record...

Have you heard the latest about Angelina Jolie's magazine cover?
The one where she's nursing one of her children?
It's creating quite a stir.
Just look at this offensive photo.

What a highly sexualized photo, right?
Why it's almost obscene!
And while we don't actually see a nipple, we know it is there because she's shown both of them to the world before.
This is Lara Croft after all.
Obviously, as a sex symbol Angelina's breasts belong to the men in the world and should not be shown in this natural state on a magazine cover.
This photo might force men to desexualize her, and we can't have that now.
So let's all take offense at an intimate photo of a beautiful woman looking very content as she bonds with her child.
For the record...people are idiots.


Angelika said...

You are so right. I like her, but with that body of hers, she always seemed so unreal. Now this photo brings her more down to the real woman level. Men have to step down now and see what has priority. Too bad, guys.

Jennifer said...

I love the way you think!

Purl said...

Excellent response! It's so good to see you back online. Happy belated birthday!