Monday, October 20, 2008

Get ready

Today's weather forecast - 62.
Tomorrow's weather forecast - rain mixed with snow.
It's coming, get ready.
I fear this will be the coldest winter in a while.
I'm still working on my Christmas stocking to put in the Holiday Helping Hands package. That stockinette stitch is slow going, and I knit through Iron Man, Baby Mama, and You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Well not all the way through, but partly, because stockinette, even on size 8s, can be extremely tedious.
SN2 went to the Bills game yesterday with some friends from school.
Thank goodness the weather was good.
One of the friends he went with is a fabulous singer (actually she provided his ticket).
She has sung the anthem at a Bills game previously, and this is the recording they use at the Varsity Boys' soccer games. I swear that before I realized it was her, I thought it was Faith Hill, but better. (DN2 said that before she realized it was a recording she kept wondering where all the people were who were cheering. We're smart, we are.)
She has a remarkable talent for someone who is still in high school, and she's traveled the country to sing at various sporting events.
Remember her, because I swear she will be going places.
And she doesn't need American Idol to get there.

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