Sunday, October 12, 2008

26, 4, 6, 2, 1, 10:30, 20, 3/4, 34, 303, 5

Numbers, numbers, numbers.
I hate math, it is my least favorite subject and it always has been.
Here are the numbers floating around in my life.


The number of days between blog posts. Why? I'll tell you why.


The number of books I have read in between posting to my blog. It's been busy, folks, between class, knitting, and home life, oh, and stinky work (blah), I've been super busy. I have accomplished some things, though, and I will show you. But get this - I haven't done any "pleasure" reading, only reading for school. Now that is unlike me. I think it is because I'm addicted to sock knitting, although I still make mistakes, such as this.


Six is the number of stitches I need to ungraft on this sock so I can fix this screwy Kitchener stitch.
After that I will have...


Two complete socks. Yippee!!
Of course not all socks have pairs.


One sock left to do here, I finished the first one during yesterday's soccer game. I picked up the yarn literally off of the floor in the spare room (my knitting room, as I call it), and decided to really try and use up some of the crap yarn I have. I donated quite a bit to our charity knitting at work, but I still have some left behind. I thought I would make these for DN2 because even if she just wears them around the house they are made of acrylic and after picking up all the cat and dog hair on the floor will wash up easily.


The time we had to be at a soccer game yesterday morning. It was Senior Day.


Twenty is SN2's jersey number and what was embroidered on the blanket the soccer boosters gave to all of the parents of seniors. It was a nice touch, but you know I lost the blanket as soon as I came home. SN2 took it from me; he seems to think it is his. Ha! You know people still look at me strange when I knit during the games, but I don't care. It keeps my hands busy and I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing. And accomplishing something at the same time. So there.


I figure I can get about 3/4 of this sock done before running out of yarn. And guess what, I can't buy the yarn anymore because it is discontinued! Note to self, when they tell you one skein makes one pair of socks they are talking about people with normal sized feet. Not like me, well and Sweet Dee, who has HUGE feet.


The number of days past my birthday. Not much to report there, although I do need to thank my brother for sending this DVD my way. Very enjoyable viewing (and knitting) time.


The number of items in my Netflix queue. Do you think it will ever be empty? An even better question is, do you think my yarn stash will ever be decreased? Seriously.


The number of Sundays I have been teaching Sunday School. I wish I could tell you how many until it ends, but I would have to start adding Sundays up on my fingers. It is fun, but another added stressor. That's alright because I bring my knitting with me to church. Is that wrong?

So what did I tell you, numbers, numbers everywhere.

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