Monday, October 27, 2008

$24.00 out of $42 million

That's how much I paid for our tickets to High School Musical 3 on Friday night.
The movie made $42 million!
That's a lot of people going to see the same movie.
I took 4 young girls with me, and I only dosed off once.
Hey, it was the 9:20 showing; you should know I have trouble staying awake past 10:00.
Was it a good movie?
There were some very good songs in there, but the storyline....there was one?
They gave Troy's dad some very unfortunate hairstyle.
Anyway, now I can say I've seen all three movies.
Don't you want to be me?
Before we went to the movies, however, we had cake.
Why cake?
Because DN2 is celebrating a birthday tomorrow.
Here she is being bossy.
Where does she get that from?
Her sister, probably.

I love this pic because it looks as if she is throwing her face into the cake. She's actually blowing out the candles.

The two babies.

SN2 and his friend Z bothering one of the young guests.
She totally hated it.

Z bothering the older girls too.
I asked them if they wanted to see HSM with us.
Z did, but everyone else wanted to see Saw V.
Their loss.

It was a good time, and then we spent the rest of the weekend recovering.
Or at least that was my excuse.
I did get some knitting done, but you'll have to wait to see that.
Today begins a very busy week, and tonight we are going to see SN2 play in a semi-final game in the Sectional Championship tourney.
Enjoy your week!

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Angelika said...

I'm sometimes so glad I don't have girls and we don't HAVE to go and see every teeny movie. But I sure would love to be able to dance like those kids. That would take care of my issues I have with my scale too. :)