Monday, August 04, 2008

One is Back, One is Away

SN2 made it to soccer camp without incident.
He's at Houghton College which has an extremely pretty campus, but is located in the Allegheny mountains (actually the Allegheny plateau) so I don't know if I would want to climb some of those hills (thanks to the glaciers) on campus in the winter.
Truly in the middle of farm country in the middle of nowhere, but it is a pretty nowhere.
I did some knitting on the way down to Houghton yesterday. It was one of those trips where a 60 mile drive takes 90 minutes because you're driving through small towns. I ended up driving home so I could only knit on the way down but I actually made some progress on my Homespun cape:

This is a project I have had on hold for a couple of years. When I have the yarn on hand I don't have the pattern, or I'm always missing something. Yesterday the stars aligned and I had everything I needed.
With the weather being so chilly I need something around my shoulders in the morning.
You can ask the same question we all do, "This is summer?!?!"
Speaking of summer, DN1 came back from Poland on Saturday night.
Fortunately her Lufthansa flights were not cancelled from the strike, but her JetBlue flight was cancelled because of the weather. Instead of getting home in the afternoon she didn't make it here until 10:00 pm.
Of course she had plenty of luggage, but she did manage to find room for some goodies and here's what I got:

I said, "This is the pattern you have."
She replied, "Yeah, I know."
Well okay, as long as we know.
She bought herself a Kafka mug in Prague.
By the way, have you heard the latest about Kafka?
Naughty boy...

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