Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics Are On TV?

The thing I hate about this time difference is I never can remember when the Olympics are being shown on television.
DN2 is all into the swimming this year, and also envious of people who were able to see the Olympic qualifiers, so she wants to watch the swimmers compete.
We've been trying to record the segments which have swimming in them and it hasn't been easy.
Imagine my chagrin when I realize that there was swimming on this morning from 2-5:00 and I didn't set the recorder.
I know this is not all about Michael Phelps for DN2, but he is a recognizable swimmer for her as he is on the cover of some of her swim magazines and the girls in the locker room talk about him.
Oh I bet they do.
She has even told me she wants me to cheer her on this year like Michael Phelps' mother does for him.
What a hoot.
Is anyone else having a problem with the way the Olympics are being broadcast?
I read on someone's blog, I can't remember whose, that they were irritated with the frat boy attitude Bob Costas had during the opening ceremonies. He is a bit disingenuous.
I just remember things being so much easier to watch when I was younger, it could be that so many things were in the US time zones, but I especially liked it when ABC was doing the broadcasting with Jim McKay at the mic. He was sincere.
Speaking of sincere, have you been following Bela Karolyi's statements about the Chinese gymnasts?
He is not holding back.
I watched the Chinese team compete last night and I have to say that they do look extremely young. One girl looked like she was about 10. They are superior athletes, but they do look so young and tiny that when they compete on the uneven bars it looks as if they cannot reach from one bar to the other.
But whomever is doing the broadcasting during the gymnastics event was complaining last night about the Romanian gymnasts, saying how things were so much better before and that the gymnasts are not focused. They even referred back to Nadia in 1976. All that was left unsaid, but was alluded to, was that Communist Romania created much better Olympic gymnasts.
Not nice.
On that note I will leave you with a PostSecret postcard from Frank's myspace page:

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Jennifer said...

That postcard is too funny. I heard those weird comments on the gymnastics and really missed Kathy Lee Rigby. There was no one commenting about how well they were performing or explaining the new scoring system. Just political commentary which seemed useless.