Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Take Your Shoes To Work" Day

Today was "Take Your Shoes to Work" Day. Granted, I do wear shoes every day, but as previously noted, these are special shoes. So when they got to work, they felt it necessary to reach out and greet everyone they met. Following is a sampling of some of the people with whom my shoes formed a close, personal bond:

They were so well-behaved and professional, I think they'll have to come back again for another visit.

Now if I could just think of a name for them. Anyone have any suggestions?


Kat said...

I'm having Dorothy/Wizard of Oz/Ruby Slipper kind of flashbacks! Did you try clicking the heels???? Go on, admit it... you did.... :)

Julie said...

Are you kidding??? And scuff my shoes? No way - but the ruby slippers theme appears to be pretty popular so far.

Jennifer said...

Hmmmm... I was thinking something along the lines of "Just Do Me"

: o