Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If life were an Aesop's fable, I'd be the ant

Where oh where has the summer gone?
You won't find it here. I've just taken these pictures this week, but truth be told, the leaves have been falling since the middle of August. Kind of scary, isn't it?
And I'm sure my absence from the blogosphere was met with a resounding silence, but I am back. The reason for my lack of posting, other than pure laziness and lack of wanting to sit in front of a computer after sitting in front of one all day at work, has been because of the following: I have been keenly anticipating a nasty winter.

I am not looking forward to my winter commute to and from work, but I do know this: I have been attempting to prepare us for the pitfalls of living in a house that is a century and a half old and one which causes me no small amount of angst when we talk about my "budget" with the local gas company (the equivalent of a car payment, folks). So I have been like the ant in the Aesop's fable. I have been busy, and the following photo will show as proof of this:

Granted, I've only knitted one mitten in the Homespun (that's the peach and white one), and three mittens in the charcoal wool (love those Elann prices!), and one wrist warmer; they'll come, give me time. I did finish my afghan which grew to almost six feet! And there is a hat that has gone MIA, a skull cap made out of Noro Kuryeon that is in desperate need of a pom pom on the top (perhaps that is why I can't find it - it's scared of the pom pom!). So my reasoning for not sitting in front of a computer during my downtime can be rationalized - I have been uber productive. Can you say carpal tunnel and repetitive motion issues???

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Kat said...

Pom Poms are tough little buggers. So hard to make a *good* one. No wonder the skull cap is scared.