Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now this is what I like to hear

From today, skinny models are being banned from the catwalk in Madrid.

The regional government is trying to impose restrictions on fashion show organizers so that they do not perpetuate the fashionable heroin chic image achieved through anorexia or bulimia.

They are utilizing the body max index (BMI) to measure the models. However, what the article does not identify is what they are using as a standard. Are they only turning away models who fall below the level of healthy BMI? Are they taking ones who are in the middle? What exactly is their healthy, standard-size model?

And how about this --

"A spokeswoman for the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain, which represents those at Madrid fashion week, said the group supported restrictions and its concern was the quality of collections, not the size of models."

It's not the people we're concerned about, it's the clothes. Got it.

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Kat said...

On CNN last night, a big shot from Elite modeling was on saying how this was "discrimination" and that "clothes look better on tall, thin women--its true!" and that there really is no correlation between the skinny models and teenage girls starving themselves to emulate them. That only happens in other countries she said. Another reason to dislike the modeling industry. Oh oh oh... and she pointed to the Victoria's Secret models and the "big, healthy girls". Oh my.