Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm what type of book???


The Vampire Novel
Hmm, very interesting! You scored 149!

People are addicted to you, as you make such entertaining and sexy reading material. You get people’s imaginations flowing and make for the type of book people want to read more than once. Cults have been inspired by the likes of you.



Kat said...

I just KNEW you were undead!!

Jennifer said...

I believe that.

Micky said...

Ok, I came by cause the Major Knitter suggested it. I had no idea I would have so much in common.
I love Led Zeppelin and I played my Monkee records (after my mom gave them to me) over and over. I remember watching their show every day after school on Nickelodeon. I was even in a "group" at school in 7th grade. I got to be Micky Dolenz. Which matched my initials so I have been Micky ever since.
And being the vampire novel, sounds like my kinda friend.
Keep on blogging!