Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I saw a hearse today

It shouldn’t be that unusual an occurrence. I do work in a hospital, and people do die here (and are born here too!) but I’m very far away from that part of the business. However, I have learned certain things about healthcare since coming to work here:

1. The patient is always right.
2. The doctor always has priority.
3. You wear a nametag, ergo, people know you work here so you cannot hide on an elevator or in the halls.
4. The doctors/residents in hospitals do not look like the ones on TV.
5. Be alert to infection control and airborne diseases; cover all your food when carrying it from the cafeteria, do not touch the stair railings, the walls in the elevator, and especially do not touch your face after you’ve done any of those things.
6. Wash your hands – A Lot.
7. Expect to get sick anyway.
8. Different color scrubs = different kinds of jobs.
9. There is a severe shortage of nurses.
10. Some people are very passionate about helping others.


Kat said...

They did a whole episode of Scrubs based on the scrub color thing.

I was a candy-striper way back in the day, and we had to learn the codes. I remember that Code Blue meant we had to hit the wall and stay out of the way.

Julie said...

What amazes me are the Code Reds.
Code Red means fire. The doors all swing shut, the light starts flashing, and everyone keeps on working.