Saturday, April 15, 2006

If Peter Cottontail is going hippity hoppity down that bunny trail...

...why is it taking so long for these eggs to cool?

It's finally time to get started. But wait, someone is missing.

Here he is.

The birthday boy arrives sporting a new pair of kicks!

Almost finished!

Do the colors make you happy???

Hey! Where are you going? We haven't finished cleaning up!!!

Happy Easter!


Kat said...

Cool eggs. Cool dining room!!! We are doing our eggs today. Better late than never :)

Jennifer said...

I love these family events! I also adore your home and can hardly wait to see it live and in color... just a few more days. Is it better if I arrive on Friday instead of Thursday night? Either way I'm cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing the JP family again.