Monday, May 21, 2012

Long Weekend Knitting

Hubby and I took Friday off from work to do...nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
No plans, no need to go anywhere other than out to dinner and a movie (Dark Shadows - so weird) on Friday night with friends.
It was great.
We caught up on NCIS, Big Bang Theory, and tried to catch up on Hot in Cleveland, but he lost interest after the second episode.
And I knit. Or did I "knitted?"
Either way, it was a nice day.
And it was a great weekend.
I knit on the couch, I knit at the beach, I knit in the backyard, and I knit in the kitchen.
Here's what I got up to.
I finished my second sock to my pair of dimpled socks - remember this?

Hubby and I have approximately the same size feet. Not really, but we can wear the same socks, and he likes these, so I know that what I really need to do, considering that we live in the frozen north, is to make a bunch of socks like this to prepare us for winter. He agrees. I still have to kitchener the toe, but I was so psyched to be done that during a commercial break I ran upstairs and got some size six needles and cast on for a baby sweater/wrappy thingy. Here's the right front of the thingy:

Hubby asked me to make some baby booties for a woman at his work. Think he's bragging about me and my knitting? How could I disappoint him, right? So of course I've got to do a little wrap, and a pair of ruby red booties for the baby girl coming in July, I can't just make booties.
And work continues on my Multnomah using my special color Lorna's Laces sock:

I like the colors, but sometimes I don't, but then I do.
This is definitely not a spring or summer color, so I'll keep working on it, and then when November comes around, and it's cranberry time, you know I'll be digging this color.
The pattern, or is it the yarn, does seem to pool in spots, but I think once I start the feather and fan border this might create a striking contrast to the colors inside. Don't you think?
And up ahead is another long weekend.
I can't wait.
No plans for then either.
Except to knit, read, listen to audiobooks, watch movies, and sit in the sun.
Yes, all at the same time.
I have waited nine months to have decent weather, so I love to sit outside and take advantage of it.


charlotte said...

oh to have no plans can be the most wonderful!! Your knitting looks amazing as ever.

xbmill said...

At the conference today, I was sitting behind a knitter. Made me smile and think of you, my friend!