Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Driveway Rodeo

Oh yea!
It's driveway rodeo time!
The DPW - Department of Public Works - is tearing up our street and repaving it.
My neighbor told me that they had told her (she works from home, so is available to talk to these men who take their time with things) that they had an aggressive May 20 deadline.
That was last week.
In the manner of only allowing themselves one work activity per day, yesterday was the day they put out the sawhorses and blocked our driveways.
Last week, on Friday, they spray painted the ground - apparently where each sawhorse was going to be placed.
And that was it.
Let me add that the street was torn up two weeks ago.
Alas, what can you do except bitch, or find something positive.
So here's what I'm positive about:
I'm positive that I'm going to hit one of these suckers on the way out of my driveway this morning.

If they'd asked me I could have told them about my total lack of depth perception, my inability to effectively drive (or park) a huge Dodge Ram 1500 truck (can I show you the side where I scraped against the shopping cart corral?), and the fact that I'll be backing out not going forward.
Pulling through them was hard enough!
So I suppose we could put the sawhorses out and have some kind of street rodeo. There are plenty of them.
Here's the street view looking east:

And west.

And now I'm across the street looking east. Why yes, that is a van coming down the street while I stand in the middle of said street in my bare feet and wearing an apron. This is such a high class neighborhood, and yet I continue to bring it down.

I'm going back inside so I can knit.
Or go to bed.
Or both.

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