Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Keeping Things in Perspective

It's a busy time of year at work.
Stress is evident, and tensions are running high.
I'm amongst those feeling some of this stress.
So yesterday I became rather upset about something, and it took me all evening to "settle down."
I went to bed, making a concerted effort to calm down, so that I could wake up this morning with a better outlook.
It worked.
I was a bit more "Zen" this morning.
As I was getting dressed, and fumbling through my clothes left lying on the love seat in the room, however, I looked at the sweater I'm knitting.
First ever sweater.
It's an easy knit, two strands of yarn held together on size 15 needles, but as with most things made of yarn it is taking me a while.
Since the front and back are just lying there, I had to take care not to knock stitches off the needles as I looked for my one usable pair of panty hose.
And that's when it hit me.
Realization, friends, not the panty hose.
Really, everything that I'm upset about at work is really not that important.
It's just stuff, and will pass.
What's REALLY important is the fact that the back of my sweater appears to be about six stitches wider than the front part that I am currently knitting.
How could that have happened when I checked the stitch count again before casting on the front.
Now that, my friends, is something of major import.
Much more challenging than little stressful events at work.
It's just all about keeping it in perspective.
But sometimes you have to be hit over the head, or drop a few stitches, to discover what is really important to you.
And that's my lesson for the day about keeping things in perspective.
Tomorrow's lesson will be on avoidance, or How I Started Five Other Projects Because I Couldn't Face Having to Figure Out How I Screwed Up This Stupid Sweater.
Thank you, and have a nice day.

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