Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Estate Planning

My eldest daughter and her boyfriend stopped by yesterday to pick up her mail (mostly garbage in case you're interested).
As she went through her mail we talked of family matters, and how people can sometimes turn nasty when settling the estates of family members.
I recommended that they read Alice Walker's short story, Everyday Use. (You should too, and keep it close to you - draw upon it when you need it, and you will, as it will remind you of what is important when people become greedy, as they will.)
They didn't want to hear about that, however, and it wasn't the time to really share this gem of a story, so instead I said to my daughter, "You know what you're going to get when I die?"
"I'm afraid to even ask. No, I don't want to know," she replied.
But I had to tell her.
She laughed and so did her boyfriend.
"Hey, I have some great yarn!" I said, defending my stash.
Her boyfriend, still chuckling, said, "That's a great idea. Take all your assets and turn them into yarn before you die."
Well hey, now there's a thought.
I think he gets it.
Being with a man who could come up with that idea, well, I think she's chosen well.
And speaking of choosing well, here's where I am with this very simple baby wrappy sweater thingy:

I didn't get very far, I know, but it has been so blessed hot this weekend that who wants to knit.
The yarn for this, in case you're wondering, is Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK RYC, and it's lovely, but I am so afraid of getting it dirty or spilling tea.
I'll be glad when this is done. As you can see (maybe) I've got the whole back to knit.
We're scheduled to get thunderstorms here today, so that should cool things off a bit.
One hopes.

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charlotte said...

baby knitting is coming along. I have seen many a person become bitter about wills ect. I can gladly know I will never receive anything, my parents had a large family, have ok jobs but they intend to live their lives, and I say woo hoo to this. The same will go to my kids.