Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flying Monkeys Helping Me

A package was delivered to my house this week.
I knew it was coming, and yet I was actually able to maintain a supreme amount of patience in awaiting its arrival.
I have so many things I am in the process of knitting, that I was trying to finish some things, or hurry projects along so that I could enjoy the contents of my package when it arrived.
Sadly after a week of very little knitting, I'm still working on baby stuff (truly my first priority as the mother-to-be leaves work in the middle of June), but I do have the long weekend to get those items finished (hopefully).
And when I do, this is what I'll be focusing on (well, along with my Multnomah as well which seems to be plugging along okay):

Yummy, right?
I brought the yarns outside (along with hubby) so that I could see if I could get the right sparkle. I'm not sure if I did, but you know here's a thought, go to Stranded in Oz and order some. You won't be disappointed.
Here's the big happy family all together - my Glinda the Good Wool sock yarn:

This color was my favorite when I ordered it:

It's Sister Midnight. It's a deep lapis blue, and I actually ordered an extra two skeins which you can see in the other photo so I could make a small shawl.
And I still love it, but this color, On Mars, has actually replaced it as my favorite:

The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Even the baby boy said, "Those are some sweet autumn colors there." Why yes, they are.
The green in Occupy is brilliant, exactly what you'd expect from the Emerald City (which is located in Southern Australia, if you weren't aware):

This is Witchy Poo, and I have to ask Mel if its her homage to H.R. Pufnstuf which featured Witchy Poo, one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. There was something about those short British guys (i.e., Jack Wild and Davy Jones) that I just loved. Witchy Poo is a rich (sparkly) orange:

This is Argus and Pinks, and I think will make a very nice pair of socks for someone special (that would be me):

And last but not least, Bloody Hot Mate, and the color is quite bloody hot. Mate.

So this is my wonderful package of yarns that came packed with TLC from the wilds of Australia.
I'd stick around to chat more, but dang, can't you see, I've got tons of knitting to do!
Tra la!

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Melissa Bloom said...

Hey J: Yup, you got it RIGHT -- the Witchypoo IS the Puffinstuff one. Why? Because the yarn is orange and Witchpoo sang a song called "Oranges Poranges" in one of the episodes. Cuz, nothing rhymes with oranges... except poranges. :D. So glad you like your Stranded In Oz yarn.

And in case you may have wondered, I've tried clicking my heels three times and saying "There's no place like home" to get me Stateside. I doesn't work, darn it.

Knit in good health and happiness, M