Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell me please, exactly when is it inappropriate to knit in public?

Tomorrow at work I'm going to watch a documentary by one of the professors.
It's not a happy film.
Really nothing about lynching is a happy topic.
But you know, sitting in a classroom-cum-theatre*, and watching something - even as unpalatable a topic as lynching - gets my hands fidgety.
I'd like to bring my knitting.
After all, one of my WIPs is a prayer shawl.
Do you think people would find it inappropriate?
I mean, it's not like we'll be munching on popcorn during the film.

*I almost hesitate to use this phrase, but I really mean the Latin word "cum" as in with.
Maybe I should change it - it does look a bit strange, and I know how perverse people can be.
Or maybe you're still trying to figure out if I should knit in public or not.
I'll leave you alone.
Go ahead - ruminate.


Jennifer said...

Knit away my friend. I only think you shouldn't knit in Church or during jury duty.

KnittingReader said...

Sounds like an interesting documentary. I agree: don't knit in church or during jury duty (but breaks are OK). I don't knit in classical music concerts because it bothers my husband.

Ironically, my verification is bille.