Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Knitting Toy

As if I don't have enough to keep me busy, I had to buy a new toy.
It was a great deal, and I thought, why not.
Really. Why not.
Don't try to talk me out of it because it came in the mail today.
I don't quite know when exactly I'll get around to using it.
You see, it has a lot of directions.
I'm not good with directions.
When I read them my mind wanders off, and I just can't concentrate.
Most things in life need directions.
Heck, knitting needs directions!
I guess I am a visual learner, and I can do much better when someone is showing me than through reading how to do it.
Now that doesn't mean I'm naturally intuitive. To the contrary, I couldn't wire an electrical circuit to save my life (directions or no directions), but after trying and failing, and trying and failing, I'll eventually catch on.
About 10 years later.
That's what I hate about those people who learn to knit one year and then the next year their patterns are published in Knitty.
And they brag!
I hate that.
That will never be me.
But I persist - I am nothing if not tenacious (a tenacious B to be honest).
So here it is, something new to boggle my poor little brain:

I couldn't beat the price.
HSN is selling the 10" knitting board kit for $20 or something like that, and it includes 2 instructional DVDs, and a pattern.
And the hook.
And those two long screws which I'm not sure what they're for, but someone in the house will figure it out.
For now, however, I'll put it aside and continue working on my sock which I did while we watched The Blind Side.
Has anyone seen that movie?
It was good, Sandra Bullock was good, don't know if she was Academy Award good, but that little kid who played SJ, now he deserved an Oscar.
And now back to more sock knitting.

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KnittingReader said...

I can't wait to hear about your new toy.

We haven't seen the Blind Side yet, but are making our way through the Oscar nominees as they are released on DVD. Precious was moving and very good, and the Hurt Locker was fantastic. We both though Up in the Air was cute, but not Oscar material. Next up: Serious Man and Up.