Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Thing There's Summer Camp

The Parent Trap, the version with Hayley Mills, is one of my favorite movies.
It was on TCM tonight, so I watched it.
I've seen it dozens of times, literally.
I actually own a copy of the DVD, so to watch it on TV almost seems like a waste of time.
Every time I see this movie, however, it never ceases to amaze me that parents would split up their daughters - twins no less - and then never tell them about each other.
How screwed up is that?


Jennifer said...

I always loved this movie, too. Yes - parents do some very screwed up things, unfortunately. I think I'll have to order this on Netflix now. ; )

Caroline said...

I love The Parent Trap too even though as an adult I have been preoccupied with the weirdness of them splitting the girls up and not telling them. It was the 60s after all though. I just bought Thomasina for no particular reason, other than I wanted to replace my VHS copy. I love Hayley Mills too.

susand said...

The knitter in me was so intrigued when I saw your new profile pic on Facebook on a mutual friend's site.
GREAT mittens! I followed the link to your blog.
I knit everyday! =)
I also lurve this movie! My favorite part is when Vicky says :
"You two are twins, right?" "Well give your sister her half of this!"
(being a twin myself, I always find it funny.....)