Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tea, Glorious Tea

It's Christmas time.
Some of you may have heard that.
Subsequently many places have things on sale - deeply on sale.
What I hate is the marketing that leads you to believe something is on sale for the first and only time so you have to buy it.
I think I feed into that by my experiences living overseas.
In the military commissary or exchange, if you did not buy an item when you saw it you may never see it again. Or you may have to wait months to have it shipped over on a slow boat to China, or Okinawa, or wherever the place may be.
When we first moved to England we were in the commissary and I was looking for baking soda. Every good home should have at least one box, right?
The commissary had none.
For weeks.
Of course we could shop in the local grocery, which for us was Waitrose. I miss that store. I miss that country!
Anyway, I'm here to talk about tea.
Have you checked out Adagio Teas lately?
They have some great sales.
Truly amazing sales.
I bought the Ingenious Teapot for a gift but was interested in seeing what it looked like so I opened it up for myself and decided to give it a try. (A present! For me?!?! Aw, you shouldn't have!)

This thing is awesome!!
Wait, let me find another superlative.
Can't live without-able.
Yeah, that's it.
I looked at this piece of plastic and thought, how is it supposed to get the brewed tea from the pot to my cup, but it works!
I'm enjoying a cup right now.
I may have to get an extra one to take to work so I can enjoy some loose tea without any mess.
All you need is one teaspoon of tea and some hot water and Voila! you have a cuppa.
If you're going to buy one thing for yourself this Christmas, get thee to Adagio and get the starter set while it is on sale.
No, they're not paying me to say this - I'm doing it because I love it!
And I've only used it twice!
Alright, I'm stopping now because I'm using too many exclamation points and I need to go punish myself by cleaning the house.
Right after I finish my tea.

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