Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Haven't Disappeared

No, I'm still here.
Just uber-busy with work and finishing up my final paper for class. I spent a good part of the weekend getting that completed and turned in, now I'm just doing the waiting game to find out if it was FANTASTIC or a piece of crap.
I did take time out to see The Golden Compass -- I'll have to tell you what I thought of it later.
Until then here are pictures of some of my Christmas cacti that are blooming, remarkably, at Christmas!

Jennifer, recognize this one?

Oh, and I've been wasting time loading up my books into Library Thing. It is so much fun to just look at the covers of the books, I can't even begin to tell you.
Simple minds, simple pleasures, right?


Angelika said...

I love those plants. Remind me of my parents house. We always had them and my thoughtful neighbor just gave me one as a thank you for watching her house, while she was away.

Jennifer said...

No - I don't recognize that plant because it actually has flowers on it. When I knew it, it refused to bloom. I LOVE Christmas Cacti - so I'm thrilled that yours are so healthy and blooming up a storm. Yeah Julie!