Thursday, December 13, 2007


Looks like we will be getting some more snow.
We have an advisory from 0700 to 1900 (that's 7-7). Last year we had a brownish kind of Christmas, there was no snow, but this year I think we will have some white stuff on the ground, especially since our temperatures haven't risen above the 30s in 2 weeks.
But I'm still walking to work!
How about that, eh?
School is over for me for the semester and now I'm waiting on my final grade.
I'm also waiting to hear about the graduate program.
All of this is an exercise in patience while at the same time I'm going crazy because I have not finished all of my Christmas shopping!
I've barely put a dent in it.
And then I haven't talked with people I should be talking to, like my brother Ken.
By the way, Ken, Bill R. wants to know how you are doing.
And so do I.
All of you in the South think of us in the northeast who will be getting yet even more snow which will probably impact our ability to shop.
I may end up doing a lot of shopping at Wegmans - gift cards!!!
Have you finished all of your shopping?
Oh, almost forgot to tell you something.
Went to a parent-teacher conference for DN2 yesterday and found out that she has been tested as reading at above a fifth grade level.
She's in third grade.
I'm truly impressed.
See, these books in my house are good for something besides insulation, right?


Jennifer said...

yeah! We have a snow day today. Of course, there's no snow yet - but it's supposed to start coming down hard and heavy beginning at 0900. Weeeee!

Purl said...

I have to confess that I am missing snow this year. I've seen too many beautiful pictures of snowy landscapes lately.

Perhaps because it's so hot here! It's strange to see people decorating with fake snowmen and yard flags that say "Let It Snow." It snows about once every 20 years here.

I am almost done with shopping, but have lots of knitting to do.
And I'm only knitting for 3 people this year!