Friday, December 14, 2007

Late Night Things

It's 11:00 at night and guess where I am.
If you said buying groceries then you guessed correctly.
You win absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of being right. Tell me, how does that feel?
Anyway, I was in my pajamas and ready for bed when I started listening to the weather forecast.
Then I got scared.
These guys aren't kidding around.
They even threw out the big numbers - up to 24"?!?!
Holy cow, and here I am almost out of toilet paper.
We've got a lot of bathroom action going on with 6 people in the house, soon to be 7 (DN1's friend is coming to stay for a while) and you know I'll be needing my Charmin.
So I heard the forecast, got scared and got up out of bed and headed for the grocery store.
I know it is going to be packed tomorrow and we have to go to DN2's swim meet in the afternoon and DH's company holiday party at night and by the time we get back from that I fully expect to be snowed in by Monday.
Not a bad thing, actually, but people expect me to be at work.
Especially when I walk around bragging about how I can walk in and not have to clean a car.
When the inclement weather comes what do they expect? Me to be there.
Sheesh, what a big mouth I have, right?
Hopefully I'll get some knitting done this weekend. It is time to take stock of the UFOs and figure out what can become an FO and what can become unraveled.
I'll leave you with a picture of DN2 in a silly hat - hey, at 11:00 the store is empty except for the guys cleaning the floor. Next time we'll head in at 3:00 AM and see what they're up to.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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